Youth Leadership Boot Camp

29th October

9:00 – 6:00 PM


India is blessed with worlds largest population of Youth – people under 25. For India to take advantage of this statistic we need to get our youth prepared and ready. And a key factor in this readiness is the aspect of self confidence. The youth today need heavy dosage of self confidence to negotiate the torrent of information . With so many forces trying to waylay them we need to build their self confidence to chalk their goal and career path, to become assetrive in their communication with not only their peers but their parents and siblings and become more confident in preparing and presenting their thoughts in a bold and confident manner. Winstream has planned a series of programs to plug this need. The Youth Leadership Boot Camp is an exciting activity based program more of a camp where the young adults will be exposed to creating a mission statement, mastering effective communication, public speaking and self organization.

This workshops will help in inducing the right amount of self confidence and self knowledge tranform oneself into someone who shines and stands out.

  • Organizations are looking for leaders to join their work force. Every company wants employees who are self motivated to work at their best. This is possible with a pleasing personality and this is through proper development.
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills are the critical competencies required to be successful in today’s business world. Winstream is organizing a one day workshop on leadership building for young adults. The platform offers students an excellent opportunity to get more focused, to explore their hidden personality characteristics, likes dislikes, learn about effective communication and gaining confidence to speak in public a critical leadership trait esteemed by every organisation.

Target audience

Youth in the age group of 14-24 years. Those are reaching their senior years in school and those who are already into their workphase. Helping these youth to gain more insight into their own desires, likes and dislikes while exposing them to the importance of communication in establishing themselves in life.

Cost : Rs. 2750/-(all inclusive)


  • Lunch/snacks
  • Workbook for reference
  • Participation Certificate.

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